Wood Flowers- Each wood flower is handmade, therefore no two wood flowers will be exactly alike, adding a natural variety to the product. Our wood flowers do not need watering, will not wilt or shed a wood petal. Each wood flower will keep it's color and last for years.

Our wood flowers are very versatile. As a long lasting and distinctive alternative to fresh or silk flowers for wood floral arrangements, interior design, gifts, fundraisers, corporate recognition events, weddings or other special occasions.

What are the wood flowers made of?

Our flowers are made of "Birch Wood" shavings that are shaped and beautifully dyed to match fantasy or real colored flowers.

How do I clean the wood flowers?

Our wood flowers are very easy to clean. Just detach the vacuum hose and lightly touch the top of the wood flower to lift dirt and dust.

How long do the wood flowers last?

Keep the wood flowers out of strong direct sunlight or other elements and our wood flowers will literally last a lifetime.

Do the colors fade?

The colors will only very slowly fade, over years, adding to the charm and character of the wood flower.

How robust are the wood flowers?

These wooden flowers, despite their fine appearance, are robust and will not break or crush with normal use. The wooded flowers can easily be repackaged and resent.

Are the stems rigid or flexible on the wood flowers?

Our wood flowers have a padded flexible green wire stem. You would be able to cut or bend the stems according to your desired size.

Some of the wood flowers have cracks, are they broken?

No, in fact it is a natural and expected occurrence in wood. This also provides more life-like characteristics to each unique wood flower.

Can I put the stems in water with fresh foliage?

As with other artificial flowers, water is not suggested to provide a lifetime of usage.

Are the wood flowers suitable for outside?

Exposure to the elements will reduce the condition of the wood flower over time.